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Specialist currency brokers like Escape Currencies, have been serving clients for over 20 years, but still remain unknown to many, with some people confusing us with Forex traders where people are betting/gambling on the currency markets or bureau de changes companies. It is correct to say we all exchange currencies, but our similarities stop there with how we work and the type of customers we serve.

A currency trading broker assists clients who are looking to take real delivery of the currency they wish to purchase in exchange of a currency they are currently holding, in a bank account. A very important factor in this is that a currency broker does not accept any form of payment in physical cash. All payments must be made via an electronic bank transfer, with the currency delivered to your bank account or a 3rd party beneficiary bank account of your choice via a domestic or international bank transfer.

What Is A Currency Broker_

When To Consider Using a Currency Exchange Specialist.

If you find yourself or your business needs to complete a payment in a foreign currency, or you due to receive a payment in a foreign currency, then it is worthwhile seeking the assistance of a currency broker. Generally, currency exchange brokers only work with currencies, so they work hard to become specialist in this field and therefore will offer a more specialist service. A currency broker can help you exchange your currency and complete a transfer to most destinations around the world (some restrictions will apply to certain high-risk/sanctioned countries), with the amount on a one-off transaction starting from £1,000 (or equivalent value) and no maximum amount limit. We serve private and business clients who need to exchange foreign currencies for many different reasons, some of these include, buying and selling overseas property and a business making or receiving payments when importing or exporting goods or services.